Albuquerque NM – Attorney Steve Aarons of Santa Fe hit the ground running in the Victoria Martens case. Entering his appearance on behalf of defendant Fabian Gonzales on Tuesday afternoon, Aarons immediately filed a motion to dismiss the last serious felony against his client, child abuse resulting in death. Victoria was murdered in on August 23, 2016 and Mr. Gonzales was initially charged with raping and murdering the ten-year old. Victoria’s mother Michelle Martens was also charged with murder. Later the police admitted that Michelle Martens had falsely confessed to the murder, and that Gonzales and she were not in the apartment when Victoria died of strangulation.

The prosecutors dismissed the murder, kidnapping and rape charges. Instead, they charged Gonzales with intentional child abuse resulting in death and tampering with evidence. The new motion seeks to dismiss the child abuse count as a matter of law. “Set the innocent free,” said Aarons, “and start prosecuting the person who murdered Victoria Martens. She deserves nothing less.” Jury selection is scheduled to begin on October 15th.