ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A judge has granted a motion for Fabian Gonzales to hire a bring on a new attorney. The parents of Fabian Gonzales hired Stephen Aarons to represent him instead of a public defender. The request comes just one month out from the expected start of his trial. He’s accused of child abuse resulting in the death of Victoria Martens.

Last week, Aarons filed a motion to dismiss the charge.

Prosecutors have already dropped murder, kidnapping and rape charges against Gonzales. That came after investigators learned that Gonzales and Martens’ mother, Michelle Martens, were across town when Victoria was murdered.

Prosecutors say Gonzales is still partly responsible for Victoria’s death because he left her with his cousin Jessica Kelley, who is charged with murder.

Jury selection in Gonzales’ trial is set to begin on October 15. The judge said Gonzales’ new attorney will need to be prepared for the start of the trial.


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