Many people have had an unpleasant brush with the law, and deep down every one with a criminal record wants their incident hidden forever from everyone. If only that were possible! Whether you spent even one day in jail, or years in prison missing time with your loved ones, or just the embarrassment of it all, you cannot erase the past. But you can erase your criminal record.

Unlike criminal cases, where most of the time the criminal defense lawyer’s job is to avoid as much criminal liability as possible for a past situation, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, expungement cases tend to be very positive experiences. Especially for the petitioners who get more than a gesture of approval from the judge and the Department of Public Safety and the prosecutors, because after a period of good behavior they deserve a clean slate, the past forever behind them. New Mexico passed its expungement law effective January 2020, and in the few short months since I have been genuinely surprised for the emotion surrounding expungements, tears of joy for putting a past mistake behind, sealing arrest records and court records for evermore. So much more uplifting than sentence hearings even for those who clearly have learned from their mistake.

The act of expungement basically means the civil process where your past criminal will be kept hidden from public eye. You need to qualify, meaning not one of the convictions that cannot be expunged, and that enough time has passed with good behavior. If you are not sure if you qualify, take our quiz and find out.

Your reputation will be protected and secure

Everyone wants to have a clean reputation before the public view. This is why when you get your criminal records sealed legally; you will be able to safeguard your past criminal records. This way your reputation and your family’s reputation too will stay safe before everyone. You will be able to get started with a new and secure life.

Opt for better job profile

After the process of expungement, your criminal record will get sealed. This way you will be able to deny all kinds of criminal records that you have had in the past. Usually every job application does have a column where they inquire about the candidate having any criminal offense in the past. If a person has any, in most cases, their application will get automatically denied. However through expungement, things will get easy and comfortable for you.

You can easily apply for a State License

If you get your criminal record expunged before you apply for your license, you application will pass through the license board easily. This way you will feel at ease as your past criminal actions have been totally erased.