Dear Mr. Steve Aarons,

I have great pleasure in informing you that your firm has been chosen as the winner of the 2018 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award:

Criminal Defense Law Firm of the Year in New Mexico – 2018’

As the winner of this award I am happy to invite your firm to participate within our Global Award Winner’s Publication, profiling and listing winners who would like to promote their success. The publication will be distributed and made available to over 70,000 recipients of the monthly magazine; it will also be placed on our website and e/magazine site – this will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of our website visitors, without the need for them to subscribe or register. We will also be sending the publication to our monthly newsletter recipients of 280,000+ individuals involved in running, investing in or advising businesses around the world. In summary, the publication will receive immense exposure and if you agree to participate we will be happy to provide you with both a printed and electronic version of the publication for your own records.

… I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Elliott

Awards Secretary