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NOTE: Paypal is the vendor used by Aarons.Law to accept payments by credit or debit card.  PayPal subtracts three percent (3%) of your payment as their service charge. To provide immediate relief to clients affected by COVID-19, and to encourage social distancing via online payments, Aarons.Law is paying that fee on your behalf and will credit you the full amount of your payment.

We also accept checks and money orders mailed to

2019 Galisteo Street, Suite H1, Santa Fe NM 87505.

You can also drop off a payment in an envelope in cash, personal check or money order through the slot at the bottom of our front door. Make sure the client’s name appears somewhere on the envelope or check. You may call (505) 984-1100 to confirm when we collect the payment. If you have a current email address, we will send you an electronic balance sheet showing your most recent payment and the balance cue.