The Sobrietor uses sophisticated voice and alcohol detection technology to verify offenders released to community supervision are abstaining from alcohol use. This low-cost alternative supports supervising officers to ensure sobriety.

Voice technology
Sobrietor is a handheld device that detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lung breath sample. The results are transmitted remotely through a telephone connection. Test results are matched against a highly reliable biometric voiceprint.

Scheduled tests
Tests are scheduled every several hours. One complaint often heard from our clients is that the first or last scheduled test interferes with normal sleep patterns, for example after the client is typically asleept. To maintain security, tests can be set up to be administered at scheduled or random intervals throughout the day. Test times also can be set to match a person’s schedule. Often, agencies use both radio-frequency monitoring and Sobrietor to ensure sobriety and compliance to curfews. Test results can be forwarded to officers via e-mail.

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